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Walkie-Talkies (Two-way Radios)

Walkie-Talkies (also known as two-way radios) are handheld, portable, two-way radio transceivers.

Historically, it was developed during World War II and used for the military before spreading to public safety and eventually commercial and worksites.

Major characteristics of walkie-talkies or two-way radios include a half-duplex channel (only one radio transmits at a time though any number can listen), making it essentially the fastest way to communicate with large group of users. 

The "Push-to-Talk" (PTT) button that starts transmission is a signature of two-way radios or walkie-talkies.

Walkie-talkies usually resemble a telephone handset but the two way radios' built-in speakers can be heard by both the user and people in the immediate vicinity, unlike phones.

Interestingly, walkie-talkies have expanded beyond their initial functions and environments and now different types of two way radios can be used in many industries, including security, construction and hospitality as well in many different environments including hazardous locations, homes and for sports.

The walkie-talkies two way radio’s coverage can also range from localised to being island-wide.


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