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Mr Walky Talky - The Fastest Way to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.

Mr Walky Talky is the service brand for GRID Communications Pte Ltd Private Radio Systems arm. The name signifies the ease with which walky-talky or two way radio systems allow people to communicate.

Indeed walky-talky or two way radio communications is the fastest way to talk to anyone. With just a push of a button, individuals or groups of people can instantly be connected. And with the advent of newer technologies like Internet Technology, distance no longer becomes a barrier.

Mr Walky Talky aims to be the vendor of choice for all private systems regardless of technology. We can provide systems ranging from conventional point-to-point to trunked radio systems like Tetra, DMR and IDEN.

Our Brands


For Professional

Professional two-way radio and walkie-talkie communications solution is enhanced with quality performance, productivity and value.
With ergonomic design and improved digital functions, two-way radio and walkie-talkie helps increase efficiency and responsiveness in emergency situations.
Our diverse array of portable and mobile two-way radios offer solutions that better enable you to efficiently coordinate and communicate with your on-the-go workforce.


For Sports/Leisure

Enjoy crisp, clear communication—no matter where you are and relish your adventure with the help of walkie talkies. Our quality walkie-talkies are made perfect for extreme sports enthusiasts who need reliable two-way communications for their adventures.

Two-way radios and walkie talkies ensures efficient communication in a variety of environments. Bring these tools wherever the journey takes you—from the campsite to the bush, on the water and beyond.



For Island Wide Use

Get instantly connected using our island-wide digital walkie-talkie service. At a touch of a button, reach your customers, co-workers, family and friends anywhere on the island.

With GRID Push-To-Talk service, you can connect instantly and privately to individuals or groups of people. Push-To-Talk 1-2-1instantly connects you to an individual, allowing you to communicate privately. Push-To-Talk 1-2-All lets you connect to your entire workforce to hold an instant conference or to connect to a group of people to disseminate important information to.

Join the GRID Business Network to contact vendors, clients and other business associates within your industry to get your business done quicker and easier!