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Analog Walkie Talkies


Analog walky-talkies, a type of Conventional Radios, are powerful handheld radios which transmit analog signals over-the-air.

These radio waves are usually modulated by a voice. Our unique analog format voice is modulated and amplified inside the two way radio before transmitted so there is no additional computer processing (i.e. digitization) inside the analog walky talkie.

Analog two way radios are often light and easy to carry. Most of them offer an 8 channel scan and several programmable buttons.


- The higher the equipment quality, the better the communications ability

- Equipment is less complex than digital and typically means cheaper equipment price

- Higher probability of being able to communicate in areas where a received signal is already weak or noisy; when a digital system might have already lost the signal

- Interoperability among analog radio products from different vendors (for conventional system)


- Each channel can only be used for one conversation

- Voice quality depends on the environment

- Interference may happen

- Increasing distance from the analog radio transmitting site means decreasing signal quality with more noise

- Less functionality, features and spectrum efficiency compared to digital radios

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