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Digital Walkie Talkies


Unlike analog two-way radios, digital walkie-talkies, a type of Conventional Radio, have additional processing inside the radio to convert the original analog voice into digital format (“ones and zeros”) before transmitting the signal in digital form over-the-air. The receiving walkie-talkie receives the digital signal and converts it back into analog signal so the user can hear the voice and message.

Common features of programmable digital two-way radios include flash memory, flex-mode operation, alphanumeric display, scanning and squelch control.


- Greater number of simultaneous talking paths possible- Information such as unit ID, status buttons, or text messages can be embedded into a single digital radio channel

- Consistent and good voice quality

- Secure privacy through improved encryption voice quality- Integrated Voice and Data Services

- Improved Spectrum Efficiency

- Improved Workflow and Productivity with applications such as Job Dispatch, Telemetry and GPS (location information)


- Digital walkie-talkies must be designed to follow the same compatible standards and digital protocol to allow for inter-operability among different products

- They can become obsolete quickly

- As digital two way radios moves away from the transmitter and reach a threshold distance, the signal quality rapidly decreases   and can no longer be understood

However, the trend of moving towards digital is gaining ground as organisations discover the advantage of going digital.

By going digital, the benefits from improved workflow and productivity can be gained with significant overall savings for organisations.

The initial higher capital outlay can easily be offsetted by savings due to work efficiencies and improved customer service.


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