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About Mr WalkyTalky Mascot

Our mascot, Mr WalkyTalky, projects youthful energy, excitement and dynamism that aptly represent the things that we do and believe in. It signifies the dawn of a new era in fast communications that transcends technology, geography and environment.  And it reflects our keen eye in adopting new technologies,  simplifying them and applying them in ways that will benefit organisations beyond just basic communications.

The colours of Mr WalkyTalky were chosen to further amplify these characteristics.  Red symbolizes action, vitality and our confidence in reaching for new heights in the things we do. It also represents our corporate colours of being part of GRID Communications. Blue projects a calm atmosphere which we use to convey our confidence in the latest technology as well as the precision and efficiency with which we carry out our services. White relates to our constant pursuit of perfection to achieve the best results possible.

Much like how the colours complement each other, our mascot also wears these colours to showcase the way our capabilities work harmoniously together to achieve success in our business.