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Digital Trunked Radios


Trunked radio systems have been around for many years and have been serving users from many sectors and industry.

There are many types of trunked radio systems in operation but we can broadly classify them into two categories: Analog Trunked Radios and Digital Trunked Radios.

Some of the notable analog trunked radio systems are listed below:
1) MPT 1327
2) Motorola Smartzone and SmartNet
3) Logic Trunked Radio (LTR)

New emerging digital trunked radio systems are now being more widely deployed either to replace these analog trunking systems or as new installations.

Some of the leading digital trunked radio systems are as follows:

1) IDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network)
2) TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio)
4) DMR Tier 3
5) dPMR Mode 3
7) EDACS(Enhanced Digital Access Communications Systems )
8) OpenSky
9) APCO Project 25

Mr WalkyTalky offers two leading edge digital trunking systems.

The first is our island-wide public trunking network called IDEN. Many organisations has benefited from IDEN’s rich features and excellent island-wide coverage.

Find out more how IDEN Public Digital Trunked Radio can help your organisation

We also offer full turnkey solutions for TETRA private digital trunking systems. TETRA is widely used in public safety organisations, public transportation companies, large resorts and the oil and gas industry for its high security and scalability.


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