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The TETRA Advantage:



TETRA uses TDMA technology (Time Division Multiple Access)

A digital technology that splits 1 RF channel into 4 timeslots to carry voice, data or both!

The digital technology allows TETRA to offer good voice quality throughout the coverage area and good background noise rejection

The codecs used in TETRA radios provide constant good quality voice communications throughout the coverage area independent of RF signal strength.

And since voice is translated into a digitally coded signal that best represent the voice sample in the codec's reference table, background noises with no recognisable voice characteristic are not usually encoded.

2) Security of communications - no eavesdropping!

Using digitally encoded voice encryption algorithms, voice communication in TETRA is very secure

3) Cost effective

TETRA Digital Trunked Radio system can be cost efficiently setup from just several base stations to a nation-wide system with thousands of base stations.

Hence you can always start small and upgrade later.

4) Future proof

New technologies can be supported at minimum cost

5) High Capacity

More users are supported per channel (efficient use of spectrum)

6) Long lifecycle

With many manufacturers supporting the TETRA Trunked Radio system, it ensures long term support of the technology and reduce the chance of early obsolescence

7) Robust operation

TETRA users can operate in network mode or Direct Mode Operation (DMO) including some degree of fallback processes.

This is to ensure that voice communications are continuous especially in situations where voice communications are very critical.

With the advantages of TETRA mentioned above, users in security, public safety, oil and gas, transport, energy, utilities and hotels can benefit greatly what the TETRA system can offer.


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