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Types of Walkie-Talkies

Types of Walkie-TalkiesTYPES OF WALKIE TALKIES

One thing that you will want to figure out is which walkie-talkies to get.

Indeed, there are many options out there but the easiest way to figure out is to decide on how and where you are going to use it.

For a start, there are generally two broad categories which is either consumer/family or business professional radios.

Then within each category you can then decide whether you want to go for a licensed or unlicensed band radios.

Unlicensed band radios are low-power radios that have limited range and is suitable for casual users, sports enthusiasts and consumers.

Licensed radios can transmit up to 5 W and have longer range but you do have to pay an annual frequency fee for it.

Next is to decide whether you want an analog or digital radios.

For some industries, there are also requirements for radios to work in hazardous areas so you have to choose those with ATEX or FM certification.

Choose Your Walkie Talkies:

Walkie Talkies for Business

Walkie Talkies for Consumers/Leisure/Sports

Walkie Talkies for Hazardous Environment

Walkie Talkies for Localised Use

Walkie Talkies for Islandwide Use