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Coverage Area


Walkie-talkies or two-way radios can generally be classified in two general categories based on coverage: localised or island-wide.The typically walkie-talkies can only be used within the immediate vicinity of the radios. This typically ranges from between a few hundred metres to 1 to 2 km in open areas and a few floors of a building if used indoors. This type of walkie-talkies is referred to as localised walkie-talkies.

However, if a system is setup, the coverage can be extended to entire buildings using a repeater system and even to island-wide coverage with the use of multiple repeaters systems and base stations.

Mr WalkyTalky provides both types of walkie-talkies for localised and island-wide coverage.

Click the following links for the two-types of walkie talkies based on their coverage:

Localised Walkie-Talkies
Island-wide Walkie-Talkies