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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Walkie Talkies for Food and Beverage Industry

Providing a relaxing, enjoyable dining experience is crucial for guests and can be supported by walkie-talkies for food and beverage. In such a service environment, cutting down on wait timings is important in most duties; from turning tables to ordering to food arrival. With the instant communications between the wait staff, management and the kitchen, addressing customer issues can be significantly quickened through the use of two way radios. These improvements could lead to increases customer satisfaction, more profitability and improved customer loyalty in the long run.

Walkies-talkies for food and beverage places have found proven their worth as restaurants see an increase in productivity and profits. Such two way radios are often both economical and provide more functionality than other products designed for the food and beverage industry, including products that integrate into a POS system. Thus, they more than make up for the costs of purchasing such walky talkies.

Walkies-talkie ranges are usually sufficient for the characteristically small area size of restaurants. Considering less expensive consumer radios such as business radios are a good idea as they are designed to be used daily and have more private channels that help eliminate interference. Restaurants also typically choose small, lightweight walky talkies which make it easy to carry around as staff walk around all day. Single channel radios may be adequate for the majority of the time, but multi-channel models may be useful to separate the communications of several groups.

Motorola digital two way radios and headsets will keep the entire restaurant connected. Our walkies-talkies help to eliminate wasted time and inefficient processes with one-to-one, group or external communications at the touch of a button. With such quick response times, employees can save several minutes in each hour of work and these savings can result in payment of the Motorola communications system in a few months.

Remember! Keep your restaurant staff connected to:

  • Maximize job shift productivity
  • Improve table turns to increase revenue
  • Reduce customers wait times
  • Clean and set tables faster
  • Notify wait staff when orders are ready
  • Coordinate runners and replenishment staff
  • Make all new hires more productive