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Service and Retail

Service and Retail

Walkie Talkies for Service and Retail Industry

As store spaces get larger and larger, efficient communications between employees becomes critical and enhancing efficiency and productivity are priorities in serving customers. Managers need to be able to handle flow and divert resources where they are most needed as quickly as possible.

Two way radios, or walkies-talkies for service and retail, are a good tool to lessen response times and improve retail efficiencies. With staff scattered within the facility, mandatory activities such as checks or cleanups tend to take more than the optimal amount of time. Walkies-talkie for service provide instant connections between management and employees or between security staff which removes the need to physically locate the appropriate staff member. Cutting down on time and allowing faster customer service means cost effectiveness and retail establishments using such two way radios have found that the increased efficiency and productivity is worth the original cost of the walky talkies.

A perfect radio for all situations is almost impossible to find as the size and functions of retail establishments vary greatly. Single channel radios are useful but multi-channel models may be helpful with several groups that need to have separate communications. Scanning functions may also be good if monitoring of several channels at once is necessary. A small, lightweight radio would suffice for small to medium sized stores, while two watt business radios are suggested for larger stores who require sufficient power for their needs.